Moving to Putney

“Putney is constantly changing. We make it our mission to live and breathe the local area to help our vendors secure smooth sales and strong sale prices.”

Whether you’re making plans to start a family, a young professional looking to branch out but retain good connections to the city or simply wishing to invest in the great potential to be had in South London, Putney certainly will not disappoint.

Much of the housing stock dates from the Victorian era, when the population soared and the demand for homes skyrocketed. It’s safe to say Putney has been experiencing yet another new boom in recent years, with new flats and apartments being built to high specifications.

Let’s dive into what both buyers and sellers can expect when eyeing up the Putney property market, and how vendors can work with this knowledge to secure the best price for their property.

A local market in a national climate

The Putney property market has its own local trends, but it is largely at the mercy of national swings in the economy and the housing market. The 2008 crash, Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have all left their mark.

For many years, prices were stuck in limbo as buyers waited on the sidelines for certainty to prevail in the wider economy. Sellers were hesitant to budge, hopeful that a return of confidence was on the horizon.

But beneath these external factors, the Putney property market’s exceptional qualities shine through. With a wide range of attractive properties to consider, both old and new, Putney is renowned for being a district with great character, fantastic amenities and easy access to Central London.

All this is reflected in the average property prices. The average house in SW15 was worth £640,247 in early 2021, compared to the price of the average home in the UK, which stood at £249,633 in late 2020.

Clearly the area has a lot going for it, with homes becoming such a premium, so it’s no secret that luxury apartments in Putney and high-quality family housing are in high demand.

Climbing the Putney property ladder

But not all Putney property is at the very top of the chain. There is an equally wide - and growing - selection of apartments and smaller homes for those at the beginning of their journey, climbing the property ladder.

Warren Putney have helped vendors sell everything from studio apartments to exclusive detached homes. The type of property isn’t an issue; what matters is our knowledge of the area and of prospective buyers.

However, there is one type of property that all Putney estate agents know characterises Putney, and indeed characterises South West London: the delightful terraced houses lining our streets. Nobody built a house with character quite like the Victorians - and they built a fair few!

Often deceptively large despite their small frontage, these charming houses were typically built with three or four bedrooms each, and make perfect family homes. Many local architects have worked to extend them in ingenious ways to make the most of the space they provide and, while the streets have maintained their quaint uniformity on the surface, behind almost every front door is a unique private space.

Luxury Putney apartments

More recently, architects have looked to the sky, and we’ve seen a sizable increase in construction of luxury apartments in Putney. Data suggest that the area has even become something of a hotspot for flats, with Land Registry figures analysed by Putney SW15 showing a 56.1 per cent increase in prices for flats in the Putney area over the last decade, with the typical flat worth £545,23 as of December 2020.

In fact, flats have made up the bulk of transactions in the SW15 postcode in recent years. While there are a number of large penthouses and spacious apartments, a lot of the movement here has been from government schemes such as Help to Buy, designed to help first-time buyers gain a foothold on the local housing ladder.

Developments such as Carlton House on Upper Richmond Road offer stylish, modern apartments at a wide range of price points. Meanwhile, down by the riverside, apartments in the more established Putney Wharf Tower offer a breath-taking view across the Thames.

Space to breathe

Variety is just one of the things that makes Putney such a popular area. Terraced homes dating back two centuries alongside top-of-the-range apartments and flats mean buyers have a choice of Putney properties to suit their needs.

But even beyond choice, there’s one thing we as Putney estate agents hear requested by prospective home buyers more than anything else: access to green spaces.

The Office for National Statistics has revealed that one in eight British properties have no gardens. This comes as buyers place increasing value on gardens or some form of nearby recreational open space with pleasant greenery.

In fact, Rightmove revealed that the word ‘gardens’ was one of the most popular key phrases that customers used when searching for new homes. Homes are more than just bricks and mortar: breathing space in the form of gardens and nearby parks places great (yet intangible) value on properties. Fortunately, Putney has generous availability for both.

For vendors, this means a high level of interest. Buyers might have a lot of choice, but they also have a lot of competition. As London’s population grows, demand for homes with outdoor space and easy access to Central London is only going to rise.

Expert Putney estate agents

On the selling side, the level of choice and competition in the area makes it imperative to work with an experienced Putney estate agent to help maximise the value in your home.

The area attracts a wide range of buyers, and a successful sale starts with the careful positioning and marketing of your property to its prospective new owners.

With an established reputation in the area built up over decades, Warren Putney are the go-to choice for many people looking to make their move into the area. We attract serious buyers who are ready to build a home in our wonderful district. For vendors, that means smooth sales and strong sale prices.

Choose your Putney lifestyle

Putney is a rather special spot. A unique mix of village life and cosmopolitan bustle - everything you could want from a thriving suburban neighbourhood with a stunning riverside location.

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