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Discreet Marketing

Warren's Discreet Marketing Service
One of the many advantages of instructing Warren to handle the sale of your property lies with our independence and flexibility of thought, enabling us to tailor our services to the requirements of our clients and giving us the edge over the often more cumbersome corporate approach.
A prime example of this is our Discreet Marketing Service, as it is our experience that some vendors do not necessarily wish for their property to be completely exposed to the market and may prefer a more subtle approach, particularly in the initial stages. Our Discreet Marketing provides an element of privacy, whilst facilitating access to our comprehensive database of relevant, serious and highly proceedable buyers without the need for boards, window display and promotion on extensive website portals.

The Advantages to Vendors
Occasionally vendors require an element of discretion with the marketing of their property, preferring not to alert friends, family or neighbours that they wish to sell.
Whilst properties are undergoing refurbishment, a website presence does not necessarily reflect the most advantageous situation.
Vendors may wish for a more controlled viewing procedure, choosing to allow only highly referred purchasers through the door in a carefully selected manner.
Discreet marketing removes any sensitivities clients may feel towards other agents, those from whom they bought for example, and also any negativity from those whom are not instructed.
In the past it has been the case that some properties have suffered from over exposure to the market, detracting from their desirability.
Our records show that there is no evidence of any lesser sales prices having been achieved with only premium buyers being introduced.
For clients wishing to discuss this marketing route further, please contact us in confidence via telephone on 0208 780 1100.

The Advantage to Purchasers 
 Purchasers either operating with a very tight time scale or with specific roads in mind appreciate being notified of a discreet sale and welcome the privilege of being selected as candidates for the opportunity ahead of more wide spread marketing.

How do Potential Buyers Access these Properties?
The first step is to register. This starts the process of us getting to know you and understand your requirements. If we feel that there is a good match between you and a particular property, we will share the details with you.